Brigadier General John McCausland, CSA ???

This photograph is from an original provided by James Triesler, a history teacher in Chesterfield County, VA.   A few years ago a colleague of his gave him an ambrotype of a Confederate officer.   She did not know the soldier's name, however, she did know that the photograph came from an old home in Lexington, VA.   The photo is glass and is in excellent condition.  He believes that it may be an early photograph of General John McCausland.  Anyone who has any information which might authenticate the photograph is requested to notify James Triesler or Bruce Andrews.  Any requests for further use or  publication of the photograph also should be addressed to James Triesler.  Two known pictures of BG John McCausland are shown for comparison.  There appear to be definite similarities - but, who knows??

Gen John McCausland ???

Civil War Photograph of BG John McCausland

Etching of BG John McCausland in later years. 

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