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This page provides an overview of our family ancestry. You can quickly find family names of interest without wading through many of no interest to you. Links will take you to those in which you are interested.

Jim is a mixture of German (1/4), Scots (1/4), English (1/4 ), Welsh ( 1/8), and Irish (Northern variety) (1/8 ). The German part comes from Grandfather Wilhelm who came to America in 1883. Therefore, 25% of the ancestry is German - Keller/Riesinger/Metzendorf/Soldan/Schade, among others. The rather interesting part of this is that our family name is really Riesinger, rather than Keller. But more about that later, if you're interested in that part of the family. The rest of the "UK" mixture of the family goes way back in the United States - all branches having been here at least from the mid-1700's. Principal non-German names are Davis/Quinn/Johnson/McWhorter/Campbell/Hobson/Whitehead/Packard.

Trish is pure "UK". Her Dad, Donald Cranna, was born in Scotland, same as Trish. All of his known ancestors were not only from Scotland, but from a small region in the Northeast, around Aberdeen. So for you Scottish ancestry freaks, there may be something here for you - but only if you're interested in Aberdeenshire or Banffshire! On Trish's Mom's side things get a bit more mixed. Her Mom, Veronica (Ron)Wolff Cranna, was born in England. We don't have much yet on Ron's Dad's family (the Wolffs and Abels), but will get around to them when we get the rest of the family sorted out. Ron's mom's side is quite interesting, though. Ron's mother, Ella McCausland, was the granddaughter of LtGen John Kennedy McCausland who served for 40 years in the Army of the East India Company(EIC). All of General McCausland's children, including Ron's grandfather, Chester Stanley Mccausland, were born in India. The General was born in Dublin, Ireland of a prominant Northern Ireland family. His brother was Dominick McCausland, a well-known jurist in Ireland in the mid 19th century, and his wife, Emma, was the daughter of Col William Conrad Faithfull, another carear EIC Army officer. Ron's grandmother, Patience Homer, was from a prominent Staffordshire family going back many centuries in that area. These are the same Homers that produced Winslow Homer, the American artist. Principal names are


....So...Following is an outline of our ancestry:

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James Philip KELLER---------------------------------------b.29 Nov 1933--Indianapolis, IN

To view the complete Ancestral Tree for James Keller in Acrobat PDF format click

Col.William Henry KELLER---------------------------b. 4 Aug 1898--Indianapolis, IN
Justus Wilhelm KELLER----------------------b.28 May 1867--Darmstadt, Germany--------|KELLER Genealogy

Friedrich Wilhelm KELLER------------b. circa 1830--Lautern, Germany

Johann Adam KELLER----------b.20 Nov 1801--Lautern, Germany
Elisabetha SOLDAN-----------b.18 Jun 1798--Moerfelden, Germany

Maria METZENDORF--------------------b. 5 Mar 1834--Schoenberg,Germany

Johann Heinrich METZENDORF--b.21 Jul 1807--Schlitz,Germany
Sophie SCHADE---------------b.22 Dec 1809--Schoenberg, Germany

Ida May DAVIS------------------------------b. 3 Mar 1867--Indianapolis, IN----------|DAVIS Genealogy

Henry DAVIS-------------------------b.       1836--Indiana

James DAVIS-----------------b.       1784--North Carolina
Sarah (?)-------------------b.       1800--North Carolina

Harriet Adelaide McWHORTER----------b.27 Nov 1840--Indianapolis, IN

William McWHORTER-----------b.25 Mar 1803--Delaware
Mary Ann CAMPBELL-----------b.25 Mar 1808--Delaware

Dorothy Lucile JOHNSON-----------------------------b.16 May 1898--Indianapolis, IN
William Fayette JOHNSON--------------------b.   Sep 1856--New York------------------|JOHNSON Genealogy

Alonzo M. JOHNSON-------------------b.20 May 1827--New York

Daniel JOHNSON--------------b. 9 Jun 1797--Dutchess County, NY
Elizabeth SPANGLER----------b. 8 Jan 1798--Pennsylvania

Louisa CAMPBELL---------------------b.       1832--Wyoming County, NY

William CAMPBELL------------b.       1804--Otsego County, NY
Cynthia PACKARD------------ b. circa 1812--Vermont or Connecticut

Cora QUINN---------------------------------b.   Feb 1875--Morgan County, IN---------|QUINN Genealogy

Joseph Hugh QUINN-------------------b. 3 Jul 1827--Preble County, OH

John QUINN (?)--------------b.       1756--Maryland
Mary TAPPER (?)------------ b. circa 1791--Georgia (?)

Rachel HOBSON-----------------------b.26 Jan 1831--Morgan County, IN

William HOBSON--------------b. circa 1790--Chatham County, NC (?)
Rebecca WHITEHEAD-----------b. 6 Mar 1793--Chatham County, NC (?)

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Patricia May CRANNA--------------------------------------b. 9 April 1947--Aberdeen, Scotland

To view the complete Ancestral Tree for Patricia Cranna in Acrobat PDF format click

Donald George CRANNA-------------------------------b.12 Feb 1920--Glasgow,Scotland
William CRANNA-----------------------------b. 6 Dec 1894--Turiff,Aberdeen,Scotland------|CRANNA Genealogy

Donald Stewart CRANNA---------------b.       1873--King Edward,Aberdeen,Scotland

William CRANNA--------------b.22 Aug 1835--Monquhitter,Aberdeen,Scotland
Mary GAUL-------------------b.       1837--Turiff,Aberdeen,Scotland

Barbara DUNCAN----------------------b.       1875--King Edward,Aberdeen,Scotland

William DUNCAN--------------b. circa 1850--Scotland
Isabella TAYLOR-------------b. circa 1850--Scotland

Maggie Jane MAIN---------------------------b.21 Aug 1896--Auchterless,Aberdeen,Scotland-|MAIN Genealogy

Alexander Croll MAIN----------------b. 7 Jul 1855--Boyndie,Banff,Scotland

John MAIN-------------------b.16 Jun 1829--Rathen,Aberdeen,Scotland
Margaret CROLL--------------b.11 Aug 1833--Boyndie,Banff,Scotland

Ann DUGUID--------------------------b. 5 Apr 1856--Aberdeenshire,Scotland

John DUGUID-----------------b. 3 Mar 1837--Forgue,Aberdeen,Scotland
Isabella GERRARD------------b.18 Apr 1837--Monquhitter,Aberdeen,Scotland

Veronica May WOLFF---------------------------------b.11 Jun 1920--Richmond,Surrey,England
Charles Hubert WOLFF-----------------------b.26 Apr 1875--Edmonton,England-----------|WOLFF Genealogy

William John WOLFF------------------b.-------------England


Kathrine ABEL-----------------------b.-------------England


Ella Grace McCAUSLAND----------------------b.-------1886--Kew Gardens,Surrey,England-|McCAUSLAND Genealogy

Chester Stanley McCAUSLAND----------b.10 Aug 1854--Simla,India

LtGen John K. McCAUSLAND----b. 1 Jun 1803--Dublin,Ireland
Emma FAITHFULL--------------b.16 Oct 1816--India

Patience HOMER----------------------b.-------1859--England

Thomas Keeling HOMER--------b.-------------Sedgley,Staffordshire,England
Charlotte C. FLETCHER-------b.-------------England


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