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A word about this site:  This site has expanded over time to encompass most everything that can be found about the McCausland family.  I have steadily added what I and other researchers have uncovered concerning the McCauslands.  The site is organized to present the origin of the family, the family history in Ireland, and McCausland branches in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.  Supporting links include detailed family histories, GEDCOM files, current researchers and copies of source documents.  Many of the source documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat format suitable for direct printing or downloading. A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded by clicking here.  

Any suggestions, corrections, and, in particular, additional materials are welcomed.  I want to thank Bruce Andrews, Armin Gumerman, and Robert and Cynthia McCausland, in particular.  They have been doing intensive research on the McCauslands.  Among his continuing efforts, Armin spent nearly a week at the Public Records Office in Belfast digging into McCausland records and we have just begun to scratch the surface.  Bruce has been very diligent in setting up the McCausland mailing list, researching the US McCauslands and providing me and the mailing list with a wealth of information.  Most recently, they have provided a new McCausland Gedcom which can now be reviewed. Bob and Cynthia have spent countless hours researching the Maine McCausland line and working to tie it to our progenitors in Ireland.  Even though I try to maintain the web site, it would be impossible to keep it up to date and reasonably accurate without their help.  Thanks to all!

Family Origins

When referring to McCauslands, we must include a variety of related spellings - McCasland, Macauslan, Macausland, Macauselan, Macauslane, Maccaslane, Macauslin, , Macaslan...etc.  It is generally agreed by available research that the family came from Ireland to the Dumbartonshire region of Scotland sometime before the twelfth century.  They are said to have settled through a charter on the island called Clarines - Clarich, in Loch Lomand.  In one version, the  name is reputed to come originally from Absalon, son of Macbed and the family name derived from Mac Absalone - 'son of Absalone'.  There are however, other interpretations of how the name has evolved, including that the initial immigrant to Scotland was Buey Anselan, son of O'Kyan, King of Ulster, who became Buey Anselan, Dominie de Buchanan when granted the "lands of Buchanan".  The Buchanan clan name was most certainly established by the original McCausland forbearers so that McCausland is a recognized sept (actually the originators) of the Buchannan Clan.  Too often one of these various stories of the family origins has been published as gospel with embellishments to enhance the importance of the family.  I don't know what the true origins are and certainly don't want to perpetuate any one of these various stories as fact.  I suggest, for further information, that you read The Surnames of Scotland and other original sources and draw you own conclusions.

McCauslands in Ireland

One thing does appear reasonably certain.  Most all of today's McCauslands are descended from the McCauslands of Ulster, Ireland.  Evidence to date indicates that all are descended from Andrew McCausland who came to Ireland from Scotland with his brother, John, in about 1620.  Their father is said to have been Baron MacAuslane of Dumbartonshire.  Thesta Scogland's book says "About 1600 one Baron M' Auslane, of Glenduglas went to Ireland and left two sons, Andrew and John.  Of the younger, John, the line is now extinct.  Andrew and John had moved to Ireland about 1620 as part of the Plantation of Ulster under King James I."   This was during the period when King James was establishing the Ulster Plantations and encouraging the settlement of Northern Ireland by the Scots - the Scotch Irish who would latter be prominent in the settlement of Appalachia.  Andrew McCausland's son, Alexander, settled in Rush and Ardstraw, County Tyrone.  Following is the supposed ancestry of the original Scots-Irish McCauslands as described in Burke's (quotes) and supplemental information obtained from PRONI and other sources by Armin Gumerman and Bruce Andrews:

John McCausland------------------b.    1549 d.          "Baron MacAuslane of Scotland"
  Patrick McCausland-------------b.         d.bef 1617
  Alexander McCausland-----------b.bef 1581 d. 
  John McCausland----------------b.    1585 d.          "to Plantation of Ulster, ca 1620"
  Andrew McCausland--------------b.    1603 d.          "to Plantation of Ulster, ca 1620"
     Alexander McCausland--------b.    1617 d.    1675  "of Rush and Ardstraw,Co Tyrone; fought in Civil Wars"
       Oliver McCausland---------b. ca 1637 d.    1722  "of Rush,Co Tyrone, High Sheriff 1698"
         Oliver McCausland-------b.    1706 d.    1737  "of Strabane, Co Tyrone, MP"
       Andrew McCausland---------b.    1639 d.    1675  "of Ardecheyl"
         Alexander McCausland----b.    1662 d.    1762
           Col.Robert McCausland-b. ca 1685 d. ca 1737  "of Fruit Hill,Co Derry...had estates in Cappagh"

John McCausland and his sons are reputed to have been born in Glenduglas, Scotland.  Presumably, Patrick remained in Scotland and only John and Andrew went to Ireland.  Apparently nothing further is known of John or whether John and Andrew had any other brothers or sisters in Ireland.  Research to date indicates that all Irish McCauslands have been descended from the first Andrew McCausland.  Burke's does not indicate if Andrew had any other issue than Alexander, but does indicate that Alexander had three daughters in addition to his two sons, Oliver and Andrew.  Burke's says that Col. Robert McCausland's grandfather was Andrew, but does not identify the father.  It is possible that Alexander is Col. Robert's father, but this has not been confirmed.  The McCauslands settled initially in County Tyrone and have remained, primarily through Oliver's line, in that county to this day.  Col. Robert McCausland inherited property from William Conolly in County Derry and this was the start of a separate "County Derry Line"

County Derry Line

Although Andrew McCausland lived in County Tyrone, there is no evidence yet that he had other issue than Alexander and his grandson Col. Robert McCausland, although we might expect that he did.  Col. Robert McCausland, was said to have estates in Cappagh Parish in County Tyrone.  This would imply that his father was in County Tyrone and that he was born and raised there.  He then inherited from William Conolly, presumably through his wife, lands in County Derry.  These lands (Drenagh, Fruithill, Daisy Hill, Streeve Hill) were all near the present town of Limavady and were inherited by his sons, Conolly, Marcus and Frederick.  Descendants of Col. Robert McCausland still reside at Drenagh, County Derry.  More information on the current Drenagh Estates can be found at   This line has been responsible for submitting the McCausland family data which has appeared in various editions of Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland.   A number of the descendants of this line now reside in England ( for more information on English McCauslands see "McCausland England Birth/Marriage/Death Records") This line may also include the McCauslands who settled in Maine in the 1600's.  While there may be descendants of Andrew and Alexander McCausland who remained in County Tyrone they have not been identified.

County Tyrone Line

It is not clear who inherited Col. Robert's lands in County Tyrone, approximately 30 miles from his Derry estates.  Other researchers say that he had estates in Donaghanie, Clogherny Parish,  County Tyrone. Clogherny Parish is adjacent to Cappagh Parish and these are quite likely the same lands.  Descendants are said to have also settled in Drumnakilly, Termonmaguirk Parish.  This is also adjacent to Cappagh and Clogherny Parishes, so all three locations are basically the same "neighborhood", about 10 miles East of Omagh.  However, his uncle, Oliver, resided in Strabane and he is most likely the direct ancestor of many of the subsequent County Tyrone McCauslands.  The book by Thesta Scogland  provides additional information concerning the descendants of Oliver McCausland.  The "County Tyrone Line" is also responsible for most of the American McCauslands and is currently being researched extensively by Bruce Andrews.

McCauslands in England and India

This McCausland line is that of ancestry of Ella Grace McCausland, the maternal grandmother of Patricia M. (Cranna) Keller

Patricia's mother, Veronica Wolff, was born in Richmond, Surrey, England, the daughter of Charles Hubert Wolff and Ella Grace McCausland. Her parents were  Chester Stanley McCausland and Patience Homer.


Ella Grace McCausland------------------ b.    ca 1886 d. 1980

  Chester Stanley McCausland----------- b.10 Aug 1854 d. ca 1916
    Lt.Gen. John Kennedy McCausland---- b. 1 Jun 1803 d.23 Jul 1879
      Marcus Langford McCausland------- b.    ca 1775 d.
         Dominick McCausland----------- b.    ca 1745 d.
            Marcus McCausland---------- b.       1717 d.
               Col. Robert McCausland-- b.    ca 1685 1734
            ? Heyland------------------ b.    ca 1720 d.
         Mary Bacon-------------------- b.    ca 1750 d.
      Maria Kennedy-------------------- b.    ca 1780 d.
    Emma Faithfull--------------------- b.    ca 1800 d.28 Jul 1889

  Patience Homer----------------------- b.       1859 d. --go to------|The Homer Family
    Thomas Keelinge Homer--------------ch.15 Jan 1827 d.
      Charles Kemp Homer---------------ch.20 Feb 1795 d. 1857
         Richard Homer-----------------ch. 9 Apr 1769 d.
            John Homer----------------- b.    ca 1744 d.
               Thomas Homer------------ b.    ca 1720 d.
            Martha ?------------------- b.    ca 1745 d.
         Elizabeth Kemp---------------- b.    ca 1770 d.
      Ann Mary Leake------------------- b.    ca 1795 d.
    Charlotte Catherine Fletcher--------b.    ca 1830 d.


Ella Grace McCausland's father, Chester Stanley (also, in some documents, referred to as "Stanley Chester") , was the youngest son of Lt. Gen. John Kennedy McCausland, CB who was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1803 and served in India in the Army of the East India Company for nearly 40 years.

Lt. Gen. John Kennedy McCausland was the son of Marcus Langford McCausland of Roe Park, Limavady, county Derry, Ulster, Ireland.

After leaving Scotland for Ireland, the McCauslands first settled in Rush, county Tyrone and Col. Robert McCausland was the first to settle at Fruit Hill (the current Drenagh) near Limavady, between Londonderry and Colraine. McCausland descendants still reside in this area. John Kennedy McCausland's mother, Maria Kennedy, was of the Kennedys of Cultra, county Down, another prominent Ulster family, related to Robert Stewart, Lord Londonderry.

John Kennedy McCausland's father, Marcus Langford, apparently died when John was young and John became a Cadet of the East India Company (EIC) Army when he was about 15 or 16. He was commissioned a Lieutenant in 1821 and remained in India until his retirement in 1858. He rose to the rank of Major General and was made Lieutenant General upon his retirement. He was awarded the Companion of the Bath (CB) in 1856. His final assignment was as Commander of the Gwalior District. He returned to England and died in Cheltenham in 1873. He was apparently very close to his uncle, Charles Pratt Kennedy, with whom he served in India and who also retired to Cheltenham

John Kennedy McCausland married Emma Faithfull, daughter of Col. William Conrad Faithfull and Maria Agg. The Faithfulls were originally from the area of Winchester, Hampshire, England. (Link to be added)

Click here to see the detailed Faithfull descendant report.

McCauslands in America

Bruce Andrews, , has compiled considerable information on a branch from Donaghanie/Drumnakilly that came to America (primarily Pennsylvania) in the 19th century.  Some of Bruce's information is derived from a 1911 family history, "The McCauslands of Drumnakilly and Donaghanie" by Merze Marvin which implies (though doubtful) their decadency from Col. Robert McCausland.  Bruce has been kind enough to provide me with a Gedcom file which is available for review and downloading.

Bruce has also provided a Gedcom on the family of Brig. Gen. John McCausland, CSA, perhaps the most famous of the American McCauslands.  Gen. McCausland was most famous - or infamous - for ordering the burning of Chambersburg, PA during the Civil War.  He was also the second oldest surviving general of the Civil War, dying in 1927.  A 1993 biography, "Unreconstructed Rebel : The Life of General John McCausland",  by Michael Pauley also provides some genealogical background.  General McCausland is also reputed to have been descended from Col. Robert McCausland, his ancestors having come from Sixmilecross, County Tyrone.  Sixmilecross is also in Termonmaguirk Parish near Drumnakilly.  The Gedcom information on General McCausland's family is also available for review and downloading.  A biography of General McCausland by James Earl Brown is available online.   A photograph, which may be of BG John McCausland, has been provided by James Triesler .  Any information which might authenticate the photograph will be appreciated.

I would be pleased to add further information made available to me concerning the McCauslands.  Perhaps one day the links between the various branches may be tied together.  Persons of whom I am aware that are engaged in McCausland family research are listed in the links. Many of these researchers are associated with Bruce Andrew's "William McCausland of Donaghanie" line who came to America.

McCausland Genealogy Database, Reports and Gedcoms


The following search tool may be used to search for names or other information on all pages of this website:


Bruce Andrews is the most dedicated McCausland researcher and his database is the most complete and integrated.  Bruce has published his database on "World Connect"   I recommend that Bruce's database be used as the primary source for the complete McCausland genealogy.

I have also prepared genealogy reports for various branches of the McCauslands using Ultimate Family Tree.  The data contained in these reports may be downloaded as Gedcom Files.  Please note that these are subsets of what Bruce has published on World Connect and may not be as current or complete.  The following reports are currently available:

Basic McCausland Report   This is a new report, 5 June 2000, prepared from the Gedcom provided by Bruce Andrews and Armin Gumerman.  It is derived from Burke's, PRONI records reviewed by Armin and other sources. It includes early McCausland information from John through Andrew McCausland's son, Alexander and information on the early descendants of Oliver McCausland in Ireland.  It also includes extensive information on the County Derry descendants of Col. Robert McCausland, expanding on the information in "County Derry McCausland Report", following.  It does not include genealogies of the McCauslands in America. This report should be viewed as a primary vehicle for review, correction and expansion of the McCausland lines. In particular, this report may serve as a means to tie these lines to those of the various American McCausland lines.

County Derry McCausland Report   This report starts with Col. Robert McCausland, the progenitor of the County Derry McCausland line and includes the branches of Conolly, of Fruit Hill (Drenagh), Marcus of Daisy Hill, and Frederick of Streeve Hill, all near Limavady, County Derry.  Much of the information is based upon the McCausland genealogy presented by Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland and includes my wife's Ireland/India/England branch through Lt.Gen John Kennedy McCausland. The same information, with additional entries is now contained in the "Main McCausland Report", above.

County Tyrone/American McCausland Report  This is an updated report, 7 January 2000, prepared from the Gedcom provided by Bruce Andrews.  It is based on a branch originating with James McCausland of County Tyrone and assumed to be descended from a William McCausland of Donaghanie.  Many of his descendants came to America in the early to mid 19th century, with most settling in Philadelphia or nearby areas in Pennsylvania.  Vital statistics on any living persons have been deleted from this report.

Maine McCausland Report  This is an updated report, 5 October 2007, excluding details on living persons, prepared from the Gedcom provided by Robert and Cynthia McCausland.  It is quite extensive and includes the descendants of Henry McCausland (1722-1798) who came from Ireland to Falmouth, Maine and died in Pittston, Maine. He was reputed to have been born in Fruit Hill, which, if true, would certainly make him a relative of Col. Robert McCausland and make this line part of the "County Derry Line".   However, no sources have yet been found to corroborate this speculation.    This line is also being researched by Dr. Jeffery E. Martin of Windham, Maine.   He has an extensive genealogy on his web site.

Brig. Gen. John McCausland Report  This report was also prepared from another Gedcom provided by Bruce Andrews.  The report traces General McCausland's family back to an Alexander McCausland of Sixmilecross, County Tyrone.  Alexander was also reputed to have been descended from Col. Robert McCausland, though this is doubtful.  Vital statistics on any living persons also have been deleted from this report.

References and Links

The following are references of interest for the McCausland and related families:

McCausland Family References

"Burke's Irish Family Records" compiled by Burke's, 1899, 1958, 1979

The various editions of Burke's include genealogies for many prominent Irish families. Included is one which traces the McCauslands from their arrival in Ulster to some current descendants. However, it does include some errors, including erroneously naming and attributing Lt. Gen. John Kennedy McCausland's mother to a different Kennedy branch.  Some of these entries have been transcribed and are available on-line.  While valuable, one should be cautious in accepting everything in Burke's as fact.  For more on this, see Comments on Burke's
"The McCauslands of Drumnakilly and Donaghanie" by Merze Marvin, 1911
This book is a family history which was prepared based upon research at the Registry Office in Dublin and direct help from Sgt. R. A. McCausland of Donaghanie.  The author stated that "It is impossible to determine the exact descent of the Drumnakilly McCauslands, but the armorial bearing (..description..) would indicate that the line sprang from Colonel Robert McCausland of Drenagh.  Diligent search has failed to reveal the name of the first McCausland to whom the Drumnakilly Estate was granted"
"Genealogy of McCasland McCaslin/McCausland McCauslin/McCashland"  by Thesta Kennedy Scogland, 1984
This book primarily covers the descendants of John McCasland (1750-1848) of Pennsylvania and his direct relatives, but also includes information on other allied families.
"List of the Officers of the Bengal Army, 1758-1834" by Major V.C.P.Hodson,London,1928/1946
This book contains brief, but very informative, biographies of officers who served in the Bengal Army of the East India Company. Included are those for Lt.Gen. John Kennedy McCausland and Col. William Conrad Faithfull and his relatives who also served in the Army. The book includes references to other sources such as Times of London obituaries
"Unreconstructed Rebel: The Life of General John McCausland" by Michael Pauley, 1993
This book is a biography of the Confederate general who is best remembered for ordering the burning of Chambersburg, PA during the Civil War.  It also includes some genealogical background on General McCausland.
On Line Source Materials

Certain source materials have been converted to Adobe Acrobat format and are available for direct printing or downloading:

Surnames of Scotland  Excerpt of the Macauslan entry from the Surnames of Scotland.   Explains the derivation of the McCausland and related names and the relationship to the Buchanan name. 

Irish Wills  Excepts from Index of Irish Wills, Derry, 1612-1858

Will of Oliver McCausland   Excerpt from the Abstract of Wills, vol II, 1746-1785 . 

McCausland of Drenagh - 1958   Extraction and reformatting of the McCausland genealogy from the 1958 edition of Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland with comments on the validity of certain entries.

McCausland England Birth/Marriage/Death Records Index  Summary report, by county, of data from the Free BMD web page of General Records Office registrations.

Arthur John Kennedy McCausland  Entry from the Roll of Honor.  2nd Lt A.J.K McCausland was killed at the Battle of Suvla Bay in the First World War.

Kennedy of Cultra  Extraction and reformatting of the Kennedy genealogy from the 1958 edition of Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland.  Maria Kennedy was the wife of Marcus Langford McCausland (b. ca 1775)

Will of John Kennedy  Excerpt from the Abstract of Wills, vol III, 1785-1832.  John Kennedy was the father of Maria Kennedy who married Marcus Langford McCausland

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