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This page provides a genealogy history of the Metzendorf families, most of whom still reside in Germany.  Much of the genealogy is based upon the extensive genealogy research done by Wilhelm Metzendorf of Heppenheim.  He was a mayor of Heppenheim and published the results of his research in his 1980 book, "Familienbuch des Geschlechts Metzendorf".  A copy of this book is available in the LDS Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.  I intend to place portions of the book, both in German and English, on this web site.  The entire genealogy from the book, with added information can  be viewed or downloaded as a Gedcom file.

Please note that information is continually added, updated - and corrected, so return periodically to assure that you have the latest and most accurate version.  All comments and additional information are welcome!

Family Origins

HAMBURG - The origins of the Metzendorf families is based on the research of Wilhelm Metzendorf.  He indicates that the family appears to have originated in the area around Hamburg.  There is still a small village named Metzendorf about 10 km south of Hamburg-Harburg that has been in existence since at least 1450.  There are also quite a few Metzendorfs (relatively, since there are not a lot of Metzendorfs anywhere!)  listed in the current telephone books for the Hamburg area.  Curiously, Wilhelm Metzendorf's genealogy does not encompass these current "Hamburg" Metzendorfs.  


Wilhelm Metzendorf's  genealogy covers the descendants of a single Metzendorf - Wilhelm Nicklas Metzendorf - who first appeared in the town of Schlitz, Hessen where his eldest son - Heinrich - was born in 1711.  His descendants are split into two distinct lines - one that remained in Schlitz and the other that was founded by one of his descendants in Heppenheim in 1834.

SCHLITZ - Schlitz is about  25 km northwest of Fulda and 350 km south of the village of Metzendorf.  It is supposed, though no record exists, that Wilhelm Nicklas Metzendorf or his ancestors came to the area of Schlitz from the north, i.e., Hamburg/Metzendorf, although 350 km was quite a long distance in those days.  His son, Heinrich (1711-1772), grandson, Jurge Heinrich (1740-ca 1800), and great-grandson, Johannes (1767-1827) all were born, lived and died at Schlitz.  Nothing is known concerning other children .  Johannes had three sons - Johann (1805-1883), Johann Heinrich (1807-1874), and Friedrich (1809-1864).  All were born in Schlitz.  Johann and Friedrich lived and died at Schlitz and some of their ancestors still live there.  Johann Heinrich traveled to the area of Frankfurt and Darmstadt in 1829-1832 and settled first in Schönberg and then in Heppenheim in 1834.  Following is a chart of the early Schlitz line of Metzendorfs:

Wilhelm Nicklas METZENDORF---------------     1685,         -     1750, Schlitz
   Heinrich METZENDORF------------------- b.29 Aug 1711, Schlitz - d. 4 Aug 1772, Schlitz
      Jürge Heinrich METZENDORF---------- b.28 Apr 1740, Schlitz - d.    ca 1800, Schlitz
         Johannes METZENDORF------------- b. 6 Jun 1767, Schlitz - d.29 Nov 1827, Schlitz
Johann METZENDORF------------ b.19 Jun 1805, Schlitz - d.26 Apr 1883, Schlitz.......see MORE
            Joh. Heinrich METZENDORF----- b.21 Jul 1807, Schlitz - d.25 Mar 1874, Heppenheim....see MORE
            Friedrich METZENDORF--------- b.15 Apr 1809, Schlitz - d.16 Apr 1864, Schlitz.......see MORE

         Beate Weber--------------------- b. 5 Feb 1775, Schlitz - d.17 Jun 1814, Schlitz
      Anna Katerina DEH------------------     1740, Schlitz - d.    ca 1800, Schlitz
   Anna Katerina SAUER-------------------     1715, Schlitz - d. 9 Sep 1774, Schlitz

The Schlitz Line of Metzendorfs were all Protestant ("Evangelisch").

HEPPENHEIM - Wilhelm Metzendorf's genealogy is primarily related to the Heppenheim line founded by Johann Heinrich Metzendorf as this is the line in which he was descended.  This is also the line from which I am descended.  Wilhelm Metzendorf had Johann Heinrich Metzendorf's "Wanderbuch" as evidence of his travels from Schlitz to Heppenheim.  A "Wanderbuch" was essentially an internal passport.  In those days, prior to unification, Germany consisted of a number of separate, independent Duchies, City-States, Principalities, etc.  A person was not free to move from one place to another or be employed without permission.  It was necessary, when entering a new area, to present the "Wanderbuch", register and receive permission to stay and be employed.  His "Wanderbuch" was issued by the Grand Duchy of Hessen.  A copy of the German excerpts of Johann Heinrich Metzendorf's "Wanderbuch" was provided by Wilhelm Metzendorf in his genealogy.  An English translation follows:

"From the 'Wanderbuch' of Johann Heinrich Metzendorf:

 Page 5: 'The bearer of this, as he has shown good leadership and has sufficient military service, is allowed permission to travel in and out of the country for an unspecified time -- The Grand Duchy of Hessen Administration'

On the 16 March 1829 began the travels. He traveled through Friedberg to Frankfurt and worked here until 12 April 1829.  On the 13th reported in Darmstadt.  He stayed here at work until 16 December 1830.  The entry for this date states: 'He performed very well'.  Then he went for awhile back to Schlitz, perhaps since it was winter and there was little construction work.  On 19 February 1831 an entry at Schlitz states: ' Continues his travels'.  It is unknown whether he again went directly back to Darmstadt.  However he must have already been to Schönberg.  Perhaps the entry for Darmstadt was valid for the entire Province of Starkenburg.  In any event he must already have met Sophie Schade in Schönberg.  Then on 8 May there is an entry in the Wanderbuch for Darmstadt: 'Remained here in work and performed very well'   That was quite often the message.  On 9 May,  as well as days after, he was already in Schönberg and his first son Anton was born.  The official marriage was on 30 June 1833.  Frequently he remained after May in Schönberg and worked in Heppenheim where there was the needed sandstone.  On page 34 of the Citizen's Register of Schönberg it states that he was a citizen (with all rights, etc.) since April 1833.  The last entry in the Wanderbuch, without location given, but perhaps in Heppenheim, states: 'Heinrich Metzendorf as a stranger paid the statutory entry money of one Gulden'.  His entry in the Schönberg Citizen's Register is stricken.  There is a remark therewith: 'Moved in the year 1834 to Heppenheim'.  The date is not clearly readable.  The latest year of immigration in 1836.  In that year his son, Johann Heinrich, was born in Heppenheim"

Thus, Johann Heinrich Metzendorf left Schlitz, worked for awhile in Frankfurt and Darmstadt, returned for the winter to Schlitz, and then returned to Schönberg for about two years before settling permanently in Heppenheim

For more on the Heppenheim Metzendorfs, please go to the South German (Heppenheim) Line of Metzendorfs

POLAND/AUSTRIA - There are, in the United States, a number of Jewish Metzendorf families whose ancestors came from Poland.  One  is known to have been born in Krakow, which at the time was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  These Jewish emigrates originally came to New York and New Jersey.  It is also interesting that a Majer Metzendorf is one of the Jews on  "Schlindler's List", who was most probably also from Krakow: (excerpted from original web page)

"The table below comes from two un-alphabetized lists, dated 18 April 1945, of Jewish inmates of Brunnlitz in Czechoslovakia, a subcamp of Gross Rosen. The Brunnlitz lists are the only materials in the USHMM Archives associated with Oskar Schindler. According to Dr. Menachem Stern of Ramat HaSharon (whose uncle, Isaac, was Schindler's right-hand man) there never was an original "list" as shown in the movie "Schindler's List". The names on the so-called list were compiled by Isaac Stern.

Oskar Schindler (1908-1974) arrived in Krakow in late 1939 following the German invasion of Poland. Schindler assumed responsibility for the operation of two formerly Jewish-owned manufacturers and wholesalers of enamel kitchenware. He later established his own enamel works in Zablocie, outside Krakow. Through the German Armaments Administration, Schindler set up a branch of the Plaszow concentration camp in his factory for approximately 900 Jewish workers.

In 1944, Schindler was granted permission to relocate his defunct enamel works to Brunnlitz - this time as an armaments factory - and take with him the Jewish workers from Zablocie. He arranged for the transfer of approximately 800 Jewish men from Gross Rosen, and approximately 300 Jewish women from Auschwitz. In Brunnlitz, the workers were treated as humanely as possible. In 1962, Yad Vashem awarded Schindler the title "Righteous Among the Nations" in recognition of his humanitarian contribution.

It is not known how many of those appearing on the list were from Krakow, but certainly the majority were. The table includes the following heading column abbreviations: L. = list number, Ln. = line number, Rel. = religion, Natn. = nationality, H. No = prisoner number."

L.  Ln.   Rel.    Natn.   H. No       Surname           Forename        Birth        Occupation

2  57   Ju.   Po.  68881   METZENDORF     Majer     1.12.14  Klempnerges.

Wilhelm Metzendorf, in his genealogy, mentions the Jewish Metzendorfs, but has only speculation about the origins.  He noted that, by law, the Jewish community was required to adopt surnames in Germany about 1775.  In 1787, Joseph II of Austria passed a law which required all Jews to adopt a hereditary surname and similar rules were made throughout Europe with Russia one of the last countries to make one in 1845.   Officially, Jews in what is today Germany had to have a surname after 1808.  This was hundreds of years after the origin of the name in the Hamburg area and over 60 years after Nicklas Metzendorf appeared in Schlitz.  He speculates that someone adopted the Metzendorf name due to contacts made in the Hamburg area.  However, he has no concrete evidence to support this and the Jewish branch of Metzendorfs could have evolved in numerous other ways, including marriage, though that is most unlikely considering the strong prejudices suffered by the Jewish community.  I have included all information I have concerning the Jewish Metzendorfs and would like to make the genealogy as complete as possible.  Thus far it includes information only on those in the United States and can be reviewed by going to Jewish Metzendorfs in the United States

Upper Hessian (Schlitz) Line of Metzendorfs

The Upper Hessian ("Oberhessichen") Metzendorfs are those descended from Johann and Friedrich - the two sons of Johannes Metzendorf and Beate Weber who remained in Schlitz.  The majority of the descendants remain today in Schlitz and Lauterbach (about 10 km west of Schlitz).  Only one, Friedrich, the son of Friedrich, is known to have emigrated to America. 

Johann Metzendorf  (1805-1883) Line

Johann Metzendorf married Elisabeth Knoblauch (1 Apr 1807 - 30 Mar 1846) about 1840. Their only descendents are those of their son, Heinrich, who died at age 36.  After his death, his brother, Leonard, married his widow, but they had no children.  Many still reside in Schlitz, although some live in other parts of Germany.  None appear to have immigrated to America.  In 1980, Ehrhard Metzendorf (b. Schlitz 17 Jun 1937) was the last remaining male Metzendorf descendant of this line.

Johann Metzendorf and Elisabeth Knoblauch  had two sons:

Heinrich ---------- b.15 Apr 1842, Schlitz - d.26 Mar 1878, Schlitz.......Mason
Leonhard< ---------     1840, Schlitz - d.           , Schlitz.......Mason

< indicates no descendants.

For the complete genealogy report see: Johann Metzendorf (Schlitz) Line Report

Friedrich Metzendorf  (1809-1864) Line

This line, for the most part has remained in the vicinity of Schlitz to the current time. One son, Johann, probably moved to Darmstadt about 1874.  Another son, Karl, established the line of Lauterbach Metzendorf families and a third son, Friedrich, went to the United States where his descendants still reside.  Two daughters, Maria and Charlotte, died young.  Wilhelm and Heinrich are the progenitors of most of the descendents still residing in Schlitz.

Friedrich Metzendorf and Sophie Luise Habicht had nine children:

Johann ------------ b. 8 Jul 1837, Schlitz - d.           , prob Darmstadt
Wilhelm ----------- b.26 Feb 1839, Schlitz - d.14 Aug 1883, Schlitz.......Mason
Karl -------------- b. 5 Feb 1841, Schlitz - d.31 Aug 1909  Lauterbach....Mason
Christine --------- b. 1 Apr 1843, Schlitz - d.           , unknown.......Mason
Maria< ------------ b. 3 Mar 1845, Schlitz - d.20 Jun 1846, Schlitz.......died young
Heinrich ---------- b.19 Dec 1846, Schlitz - d.27 Jan 1922, Schlitz.......Carpenter
Charlotte< -------- b. 6 Jun 1849, Schlitz - d.24 Jan 1850, Schlitz.......died young
Friedrich --------- b.10 Jan 1852, Schlitz - d. after 1900, USA.......
Henriette --------- b. 3 Mar 1855, Schlitz - d.19 Oct 1882, Schlitz.......married Johannes Weber

< indicates no descendants.

For the complete genealogy report see: Friedrich Metzendorf (Schlitz) Line Report

South German (Heppenheim) Line of Metzendorfs

The South German ("Sueddeutschen") Metzendorfs are those descended from Johann Heinrich Metzendorf - the only son of Johannes Metzendorf and Beate Weber to leave Schlitz.  The majority of the descendants remain today in Heppenheim and the surrounding area of Mainz-Darmstadt-Mannheim-Heidelberg.  There are some, however in other parts of Germany and others - descendants of Anton, Maria and Johann -  who are in the United States.

Johann Heinrich Metzendorf  (1807-1874) Line

Johann Heinrich Metzendorf continued the family tradition of a master mason.  Many of his descendants continued the same tradition or worked in allied fields, such as lithography, construction and architecture.  He went by his middle name, Heinrich, which was generally common at that time in Germany.  He married his wife, Sophie Schade (22 Dec 1809 - 18 Apr 1881) on 30 June 1833 in Schönberg.

Johann Heinrich Metzendorf and Sophie Schade had eight children:

+Anton ------------ b. 9 May 1832, Schönberg  - d.           , Brookyn, NY USA..Mason/Lithographer
+Maria ------------ b. 5 Mar 1834, Schönberg  - d. 5 May 1901, Darmstadt........married Wilhelm Keller
+Johann Heinrich -- b. 8 Jun 1836, Heppenheim - d.24 Mar 1893, New York, NY.....Machinest/Hotel Prop.
*Heinrich --------- b.28 Jul 1838, Heppenheim - d. 7 Apr 1907, Heppenheim.......Mason
 Wilhelm ---------- b.13 Nov 1840, Heppenheim - d.23 Feb 1917, Heppenheim.......Glass Master
 Adam ------------- b. 8 Dec 1842, Heppenheim -     1920, Friedberg........Painter
*Martin ----------- b.13 Jan 1845, Heppenheim - d.25 Jul 1916, Heppenheim.......Mason
Barbara< --------- b.10 Jan 1851, Heppenheim -     1871, Heppenheim.......died young, unmarried

+Anton, Johann and Wilhelm, son of Maria, went to America

*Catholic, all others remained Protestant. < indicates no descendants.

Anton's descendants still live in the United States.  Johann was never heard of again in Germany.   However, New York and Civil War pension records show that he lived in Manhattan and the Bronx for over 35 years, married twice and had at least 4 children.   Maria married Wilhelm Keller.  Their daughter, Anna,  married Georg Riemenschnider and descendants still reside in Germany.  Their son, Justis Wilhelm, emigrated to America in 1883 and descendants, including myself, are all in the United States.  All of Johann and Sophie's other children remained in Germany, although Wilhelm apparently went to America and returned to Germany.  Since Heppenheim was a predominately Catholic area, it was difficult for the young sons to find Protestant wives.  As a result, both Heinrich and Martin married Catholic girls and their families became Catholic. 

Johann Heinrich Metzendorf's mother, Beate Weber, was the daughter of the "graflicher Tafeldecker" for the Count of Erbach/Schönberg in Schönberg.  This may explain why Johann Heinrich Metzendorf came to Schönberg where he met his future wife, Sophie Schade.

For the complete genealogy report see: Johann Heinrich Metzendorf (Heppenheim)  Line Report

Metzendorfs in the United States

Most, but not all, of the few Metzendorfs in the United States originate from one of the lines previously noted.  This section summarizes what is currently known about Metzendorf families in the United States.  You can also review all of the US Census information I have compiled to date on the Metzendorfs and related families at METZENDORF CENSUS RECORDS

Upper Hessian (Schlitz) - Friedrich Metzendorf  (1809-1864) Line in the United States

Descendants of Friedrich Metzendorf

Friedrich Metzendorf's son, Friedrich,  immigrated to the United States about 1870 where  he was reported to have married, first, Marie ? and, second,  Eleanor Oppenkamm.  His family appears in various census records:

1900 , Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, vol 97 ED 578 (or 518?), sheet 3, line 47:

METZENDORF, Fred'k, b. Jan 1853, age 47, Germany {NOTE: per Whlm.Metzendorf: birth should be Jan 1852}
            Eleanor b. Dec 1863, age 37, Germany 
         Louisa  b. Mar 1880, age 20, New York 
            Fred    b. Nov 1887, age 12, New York 
            Henry   b. Jan 1890, age 10, New York 
            Otto    b. Apr 1892, age  8, New York 
            Karl    b. Dec 1894, age  5, New York

Their residence was at 1161 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, NY

1920,  Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, vol 140, ED 1653, sheet 9, line 7

METZENDORF, Frederick,        age 32,     New York
METZENDORF, Carl E.  ,        age 25,     New York 
METZENDORF, Louise S ,sister, age 39,     New York 
LEPINE      Rose     ,niece,  age 3 9/12, New York 
LEPINE      Frederick,nephew, age 6,      New York 
Their residence was listed at 70 Herves Street, Brooklyn, NY

Wilhelm Metzendorf, in his genealogy, displayed a chart concerning Friedrich Metzendorf's line in the United States.  The chart was labeled as being provided by Joseph F. Metzendorf.   Joseph Frederick Metzendorf (1927- ) is the son of Otto Metzendorf and grandson of the immigrant, Frederick Metzendorf.  The chart lists the following children of Frederick Metzendorf:

Frederick METZENDORF (1852-1916) and Marie ? (1858-1886)
        Wilhelmina (1882-?)
        Louise (1880-1954) 
Frederick METZENDORF and Eleanor Opperkamm (1867-1909)
        Frederick (1887-1958)
        Otto (1892-1940)
        Carl (1894-1947)
        Henry (1900-1903)
{NOTE: according to the 1900 census, Henry was born in 1890}

Joseph F. Metzendorf currently lives in Old Saybrook, CT and can be reached at  He is the primary researcher for this line and has provided the information pertaining to Frederick Metzendorf's descendants in the United States.

The chart also showed that Wilhelmina Metzendorf married Gustave Lepine.  Their children, Frederick and Rose were listed with Frederick Metzendorf Jr. in the 1920 census. 


South German (Heppenheim) - (Johann) Heinrich Metzendorf  (1807-1874) Line in the United States

Descendants of Anton Metzendorf

Heinrich Metzendorf's son, Anton,  immigrated to the United States about 1858 where  he established his home in Brooklyn, NY.  The following entries appear in the US Federal census records:

1880, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, vol 38 :

METZENDORF, Anton ,    age 48, Germany
            Catherine, age 48, Germany 
         Henry,     age 21, New York 
            Catherine, age 19, New York 
            Frank,     age 17, New York 
            William,   age 12, New York 
            Charles,   age  8, New York

Their residence was on Centre Street, New Lots, Kings County, NY

1900, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York,  vol 93, ED 472, Sheet 15, Line 59, 8 June 1900:

METZENDORF, William , age 31, New York
            Maryette, age 23, New York 
         Frank B., age  0, New York, born March 1900 

Their residence was at 122 Norwood Street, Brookyln, Kings County, NY

1920, Woodhaven, Queens County, New York, vol 314 :

METZENDORF, Kate ,   age 58, New York
            Charles, age 45, New York 

Their residence was at 8717 75th (Eads) Avenue, Woodhaven, Queens County, NY

Anton's children Catherine (Kate), Frank and Charles did not marry and therefore have no descendants. 

Henry married Hattie Johnson in 1888 and had two children.  Josephine  married  William Fransceky in 1877 and had two children 

William married Maryetta Burr in 1899 and has surviving descendants in the United States. Descendants of his son, Frank, still reside near Chicago, IL.  His daughter Etta married Thomas McByrne and his daughter, Lillian, married Clyde Berglen. Both have surviving descendants.

Descendants of Johann Metzendorf

It was reported by Wilhelm Metzendorf in his compiled genealogy that nothing further was heard of Johann Heinrich Metzendorf after he emigrated to the United States.   However, the Civil War pension file for John (i.e., "Johann") Metzendorf shows that he  came to America in 1858 (presumably with his brother, Anton) and enlisted in Company C, 5th Inf. Regiment of New York on 16 May 1861 at Washington, D.C. at the age of 25.   The pension file confirms that "Johann" and "John" are the same person.   A review of the roster of the 5th Regiment indicates that practically all members were of German extraction.   John Metzendorf was mustered out in New York City on 7 August 1861. His pension file indicates that his 2nd wife was Katherine Nuss and that Frank Nuss was the guardian of his two children after the death of his wife.   John Metzendorf is listed in the New York City Directory of 1869 as a Machinist at 80 Elm Street with his home at 394 Second Avenue.   This is also the address at which his 1st wife, Margaretha, died in 1887.  (A William Metzendorf is also listed as "trimming" with home at 172 Delancey.  This is perhaps his brother, Wilhelm,  who is said to have gone to America and then returned to Heppenheim, as there is no later evidence of a William Metzendorf in New York. Wilhelm Metzendorf was a glazier, so this could explain the "trimming" description. Also, Wilhelm's first child was born in Germany in 1879, so he was most likely in America in 1869.)   John is also listed in the 1890 Directory as a Machinist with his home at 746 E. 170th Street.  In the same directory, Sophia Metzendorf is listed with her home at 394 Second Avenue, John Metzendorf's  address from 1869 to at least 1887.  This was most likely John's daughter, Sophie.   At his death in 1893, John is recorded as a hotelkeeper residing at 800 Westchester Avenue.

Descendants of Maria Metzendorf

Anton Metzendorf's sister, Maria, married Wilhelm Keller and remained in Germany.  However, their son, (Justus) Wilhelm Keller emigrated to the United States in 1883 at the age of 16.  He initially stayed at his uncle Anton's home in Brooklyn.  He later moved to Indianapolis, IN where he worked as an accountant at the Indianapolis Brewing Company and married Ida Davis.  Their only child, my father, William Henry Keller, was born on 4 August 1898.  Maria Metzendorf's other children, all daughters, remained in Germany.  Only one, Elise (Lina) married.  She married Dr. Ludwig Riemenschneider, whose descendants still reside in Germany.

Jewish Metzendorfs in the United States

I have come across various references to other Metzendorfs in the United States who are not descended from Wilhelm Nicklas Metzendorf.  In each case, these other Metzendorfs appear to be Jewish.  As mentioned earlier, it is not known where this line originated, at what point the Metzendorf name was taken or what, if any, connection there may have been to the early Metzendorfs in the Hamburg area.   As earlier noted, many of these Metzendorfs came to America from Poland (and Austria, when the Krakow portion of Poland was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire).  

Adolf Metzendorf

A complete genealogy  pertaining to the descendants of Adolf Metzendorf (1870-1948) is available on  the World Connect Project.    Adolph Metzendorf was born in Austria, married Emma Stern (1871-1959) and resided in Perth Amboy, NJ.   Descendants of Adolf Metzendorf are contained in a genealogy report , prepared from the World Connect files.  

David Metzendorf

Census information is available indicating that a David Metzendorf family resided in New York between 1880 and, at least, 1920.  Since he and his wife, and most of their children, were born in Poland, he is most likely part of the Jewish line of Metzendorfs.  However, nothing further has been found concerning the family. Following are the census entries:

1880, New York, vol 48, ED 77, Sheet 5, Line 12:

METZENDORF, David,      56, Poland
            Sarah,  w,  35, Poland 
         Soloman,s,   9, Poland 
            Samuel, s,   7, Poland 
            Lena,   d,   4, Poland 
            Katie,  d,8/12, New York 
            Rachel, d,8/12, New York

Their residence was at 5 Birmingham St, Manhattan, NY

1900, New York, vol 175, ED 900, Sheet 9, Line 37:

METZENDORF, David,      60, Austria, born Oct 1839 
            Sarah,  w,  55, Austria, born Aug 1844 
         Samuel, s,  28, Austria, born Aug 1871 
            Lena,   d,  24, Austria, born Jun 1878

Their residence was at 55 101st St, Manhattan, NY

1920, New York, vol 109, ED 217, Sheet 9, Line 96:

METZENDORF, David,      90, Austria
            Sarah,  w,  75, Austria,

Their residence was at 796 East 163rd St, Bronx, NY


Other Metzendorfs in the United States

There are a few Metzendorfs that have not yet been connected to any of the German or Polish lines.  The majority of these reside in Ohio.

Ohio: The US Social Security Index lists the following Metzendorfs from Ohio:

Name        Born            Died            Residence              SSN            Issued
Katie    17 May 1891       Nov 1984    Southington, OH 44470    268-62-8169    Ohio (1973) 
Frank     9 Apr 1914    30 Jan 1991    Southington, OH 44470    286-01-3277    Ohio (before 1951) 
Carl      8 Jul 1917       Dec 1986    Southington, OH 44470    283-01-6747    Ohio (before 1951) 

Katie was the mother of Frank and Carl.  The father was Martin, who apparently died earlier.  

There are also census records in 1920 and 1930 for these Metzendorfs in Trumbell County.  The apparent initial immigrants, Martin and his wife, Katie, were both born in Hungary.  Therefore, they do not appear to be connected to any of the other Metzendorf families in the United States.  

Rochester, NY: The family of Amanda Metzendorf emigrated from England between 1906 and 1916 and settled in Rochester, New York.  English records show that the ancestors came from Germany (most likely Hamburg) in the mid 19th century, but no further information is available concerning the German origins.

California:  Herman Metzendorf, from Hamburg, was in San Francisco prior to 1870 and had children, including sons, Frederick and Herman.  However, it is not clear what became of these descendants.

Metzendorf Genealogy Reports and Gedcoms




I have prepared genealogy reports for various branches of the Metzendorfs using Ultimate Family Tree.  The data contained in these reports may be downloaded as Gedcom Files.  The following reports are currently available:

Wilhelm Heinrich Metzendorf  Report   This report includes the entire descendant family line of Wilhelm Heinrich Metzendorf.  If you are only interested in only one of the three lines of his descendants, you can use one of the following reports which are subsets of the entire report.

            Johann Metzendorf (Schlitz) Line Report 

            Friedrich Metzendorf (Schlitz) Line Report 

            Johann Heinrich Metzendorf (Heppenheim)  Line Report  

Adolph Metzendorf Report    This report is derived from the online World Connect Project  genealogies with added family information provided by  Diane Klein Hittner 

References and Links

The following are references of interest for the Metzendorf and related families:

Metzendorf Family References

"Familienbuch des Geschlects Metzendorf" by Wilhelm Metzendorf, Heppenheim, 1980

This book is the primary genealogy source for the descendants of Wilhelm Nicklas Metzendorf of Schlitz.  It is a very thorough genealogy through 1980, including photographs and descriptive text.  I have used it as a basis for the genealogy database and related reports, adding information not provided earlier and updating, where possible, to include current descendants.  The book is in the possession of many Metzendorf descendants in Germany and is also at the LDS Family History Center in Salt Lake City.  I have transcribed the text portions of the book in both German and English and they can be viewed as Adobe Acrobat Files (.pdf) at: German Version and English Version(BOTH TO BE ADDED)   The genealogy information is included in the Metzendorf Descendant Reports: Johann Metzendorf (Schlitz) Line Report , Friedrich Metzendorf (Schlitz) Line Report and Johann Heinrich Metzendorf (Heppenheim)  Line Report     The photographs have not been included, but I would be pleased to host them on the site if anyone can provide clear copies or files.

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