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The Quinn Family Genealogy

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The Quinn Family Genealogy is one of the family lines of James P. Keller and provides information about the family and ancestors of Joseph Hugh Quinn who was born in Preble County OH in 1827 and came to Morgan County, IN in 1846. He was the father of Cora Quinn Johnson and great-grandfather of James P. Keller.

The ancestry of Joseph H. Quinn has not been settled. His death certificate states that his father was John Quinn and his Civil War service file states that he was born in Preble County Ohio. There is extensive information on the Quinns of Preble County, OH, primarily the book by E.F.L Quinn in 1925. Joseph H. Quinn is most likely the son of John Quinn (ca.1759-1840) who was born in Maryland, moved first to Georgia and then to Preble County, OH and died in Delaware County, IN. Most evidence indicates this, but no absolute evidence is yet available.

Joseph H. Quinn married Rachel Hobson, daughter of William Hobson and Rebecca Whitehead. Joseph H. Quinn was a farmer his entire life, except for the period when he served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He died in Mooresville, Morgan County, IN in 1904.


Cora Quinn----------------------------- b. Feb 1875 d. Dec 1945

Joseph Hugh Quinn------------- b. 3 Jul 1827 d.    1904-Caution!-See The Quinn Family 
   John Quinn----------------- b.    ca 1759 d.    1840 
      John Quinn-------------- b.    ca 1710 d. ca 1777 
      ? Crooks---------------- b.    ca 1731 d. ca 1787 
   Mary Tapper---------------- b.    ca 1791 d. ca 1838(?)
Rachel Hobson----------------- b.26 Jan 1831 d.    1901- go to The Hobson Family
   William Hobson------------- b.    ca 1790 d.    1834  
      William Hobson---------- b.    ca 1767 d. ca 1827 
         William Hobson------- b.    ca 1740 d. ca 1800 
            George Hobson----- b.    ca 1711 d. ca 1772 
               George Hobson-- b.    ca 1685 d. ca 1750 
            To be added------- b.    ca 1730 d. ca 1774 
         To be added---------- b.    ca 1740 d. ca 1800 
      Rebecca Brewer(?)------- b.    ca 1775 d. ca 1814 
   Rebecca Whitehead---------- b. 6 Mar 1793 d. ca 1881


The Quinn family

Quinn family, Camby, IN, ca 1909Joseph H. Quinn grandchildren at Uncle Bill and Aunt Ann Quinn's house, Camby, Marion County, Indiana, ca 1909

The young girl in the center of the photograph is my mother, Dorothy Lucile Johnson, the daughter of Cora Quinn. My mother's older sister, Iva May, is behind her to her left and her brother, Robert Lee, is on her left in front. Others in the picture include the children of Joseph H. Quinn's other children William, Laura, and Dora. For further details, click the photograph.

My grandmother, Cora Quinn, and her twin sister, Dora, were the youngest of the twelve children of Joseph Hugh Quinn and Rachel Hobson, She was born and raised in Morgan County, IN and moved to Indianapolis only after she was married. She lived in Indianapolis until the death of her husband, William F. Johnson and then lived in Kokomo, IN with her children, Iva May, Dorothy Lucile, and Robert Lee for a short time. She moved back to Indianapolis and remarried to John Huffman. They had no children. She and John later built a house on a farm on the north edge of Mooresville until they moved back to the Fountain Square area on the south side of Indianapolis prior to World War II.

Cora's father, Joseph Hugh Quinn, was born in Preble County, Ohio on 3 July 1827, the son of John Quinn. Research of Preble County reveals a number of Quinn families during that period, all descendants of a John Quinn who emigrated from County Down, Ireland in about 1756. E.F.L.Quinn's book clearly traces four of John's sons, John, Robert, Joseph and James to Preble County in about 1805. These families all appear in the 1810 to 1830 census records for Preble County. ....MORE TO BE ADDED..........................

Click here to see a detailed Family History Report for the Quinn family

Click here to see the Quinn Family Photo Album for descendants of Joseph Quinn

The Hobson Family

Rachel Hobson was the daughter of William Hobson and Rebecca Whitehead, both of whom were born in North Carolina. Because of other evidence, it appears that they were from Chatham County, NC and that William Hobson was the son of William Hobson of that county. If so, he is descended from George Hobson who came to North Carolina from Virginia. It is clear from Morgan County, IN census, land and probate records that Rebecca Hobson was the sister of Archibald, Nathan, and Jacob Whitehead of Chatham and Randolph Counties, NC. However, to date no birth, marriage or other records have been found in North Carolina to absolutely connect them to these families.

For more detailed information on the Hobson and Whitehead families please refer to the related Hobson Family and Whitehead Family pages.


On-line Documents

I have scanned and transcribed selected Quinn family source documents.  They can be viewed as Adobe Acrobat .pdf files.  Although I have proofed the results, I would appreciate knowing if there are any residual transcription errors.

"A short Account of the Quinn, West, Lacy, Pottinger, Kincaid and Wilson Families" by E.F.L.Quinn, 1925

This book is the definitive family history of the "Preble County, Ohio" descendants of John Quinn. An original copy is available in the Preble County Library, Eaton, Ohio.   The on-line version was scanned and edited in Microsoft Word from the original.  It includes only the information on the Quinn family.

"The Quinn Family, 1709-1873" by Robert W. Quinn

This is Robert W. Quinn's original family history transcribed from a handwritten copy.  It includes quite a bit of anecdotal information not included in E.F.L. Quinn's book.  It is not complete, as not all pages were copied.

Comparative Presentation of R.W. Quinn and E.F.L. Quinn Family Histories

This document shows the specific material added and deleted by E.F.L Quinn and the other changes he made to R.W. Quinn's account.

Selected Census Records  Certain census records pertaining to families in the Keller Family History can be viewed and downloaded:

Transcribed Census Records   includes the information directly from the census entries and are sorted by state and year.

Census Names   includes a list, sorted by name of the persons listed in the census records.  Names have been correlated to allow a particular person to be tracked through succeeding records.

Other Documents

"The Hobson Family" compiled by Jay Hobson, 1963

This book is an extensive genealogy of the Hobson family compiled by Jay Hobson. It includes the North Carolina and later descendants of the original George Hobson who came to Pennsylvania from England. The book is in the LDS library in Salt Lake City and can be ordered direct from Jay Hobson through the Hobson Family Linage

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