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Joseph H. Quinn GrandchildrenThis picture was taken in about 1909 in Camby, Indiana at the home of Joseph H. Quinn's eldest son, William and his wife Ann Bowman. These were my mother's Uncle Bill and Aunt Ann. At the time, William Quinn was 53 and Joseph H. Quinn had been dead for five years. My mother, Dorothy Lucile Johnson, is #1 in the picture and identified the others for me. I have no other evidence that the identities are correct. The following identifies the grandchildren and their parents. Should anyone be able to identify others in the picture, please contact us: Jim and Trish Keller

Children of Laura D. Quinn and Soloman S. Carpenter:

5  - Floyd Carpenter, age 13
10 - Dean Carpenter, age 4
Children of Cora Quinn and William F. Johnson:

1 - Dorothy Lucile Johnson, age 11 (my mother)
2 - I
va May Johnson, age 14
3 - Robert Lee Johnson, age 7

Children of Dora E. Quinn and John C. Woolman:

4 - Roy H. Woolman, age 11
7 - Edith E. Woolman, age 14

Others Identified:

6 - Pearl Quinn Burris
8 - Carrie Quinn
9 - Virgil Quinn