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Jim and Trish Keller


After consulting with NATO in Luxembourg for six years and many trips back and forth, Jim is now “re-retired”.  That leaves many projects around the house to be completed.  Unfortunately, we won’t have our constant friend, Peanuts, with us to enjoy our retirement.  After 14 years with us, we lost his companionship in December 2010.  He was 17-18 years old, lived a good life and gave us infinite joy.  He was a well-travelled dog and spent a year with us living in Belgium while Jim worked in Luxembourg.   Click here if you want to know what else we've been up to recently.

Even though our postal address is Fredericksburg, we are in Spotsylvania County, 10 miles west of "downtown" .  Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania are dripping in history with four major Civil War battlefields - Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, The Wilderness and Spotsylvania Courthouse.   As a matter of fact our new house is quite near to the Chancellorsville battlefield.    I guess we'll need to get a metal detector to hunt for bullets and buttons.   Click here if you want to know more about the area.

Our Fredericksburg family of two:


Jim, Chief Home Tinkerer

Having a degree in Electrical Engineering, Jim will be the "Chief Operating Engineer" - keeping the house and property in good order, finishing the unfinished basement, and tearing out and rebuilding those things that we thought were perfect when we built the house.  Since we will now have only one acre instead of our previous five, he should also have more time to goof off on the computer

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Trish, Captain of the Ship

Trish, being a Scot's lass from Aberdeen, naturally is of a seafaring nature. This helps materially in keeping our ship afloat as Jim constantly redesigns it.  Trish already has an organized plan for the furnishings needed to complement a new house.  All we need now is a budget.

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What is this all about?

This is our home page which will lead you to bits and pieces of what we're up to.  As time progresses we'll add events, pictures, etc.  Since we've been saying this for over 10 years, don't expect instant changes.   Since Jim is hung up on the Genealogy thing links will be provided to the skeletons in the Keller and Cranna closets.

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Under Construction

Our links aren't complete yet (or hardly begun, for that matter) - be patient

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