The Keller's Photo Album


To our family, friends and others - Our intention is to present various collections of our family photographs.  Some may be of interest to those doing genealogical research.  Others are of interest only to our immediate family and friends.  All, I'm sure, will be of no interest whatsoever to most people!

We've grouped our photographs into three sets - Old, Recent and Current:

  • Old ones are before 1980, going back as far as we can in our family closets

  • Recent ones are of the 1980's - 1990's

  • Current photographs are ones we've taken in the past year

Enjoy the photographs, but... comments

"Old" Photographs.

These family photographs are ones dating from the 19th century through approximately the 1970's.  They are organized by family, although sometimes the distinction becomes fuzzy.  The older ones may be of most interest to those doing genealogical research or for our grandchildren who wonder if great-great-grandfather was really as weird as everyone says.

Jim's Family Photographs

Father's side:

Keller Family Photos - Jim's great-grandfather, Friedrich Wilhelm Keller, and his descendants and relatives

Metzendorf Family Photos - Jim's great-grandmother, Maria Metzendorf Keller, and her ancestors and relatives

Davis and McWhorter Family Photos - Jim's grandmother, Ida Davis Keller, and her ancestors and relatives

Mother's side:

Johnson Family Photos - Jim's grandfather, William Johnson, and his descendants and relatives

Quinn Family Photos - Jim's great-grandfather, Joseph Quinn, and his descendants and relatives

Trish's Family Photographs

Father's side:

Cranna Family Photos - Trish's grandfather, William Cranna,  and his descendants and relatives

Mother's side:

Wolff Family Photos - Trish's grandfather, Charles Hubert Wolff, and his descendants and relatives

McCausland Family Photos - Trish's grandmother, Ella Grace McCausland, and her ancestors and relatives

"Recent" Photographs.

These photographs are of the 1980's and 1990's and include those of some family gatherings, trips we've made and other significant - at least to us - events with our friends.  Presumably only our friends and family care anything about these, and even they many not care very much!

Thanksgiving 1996 - We had Jim's nieces and their children down for Thanksgiving for a "mini-reunion"

Brittany's School Pictures - Brittany is growing up fast as her pictures from Pre-School to today show.

"Current" Photographs.

These photographs are ones of events, trips, etc. during the past year.  Since it normally takes me six months to remember to get the film developed, some may be older than a year.

April 2002 - Jim Sutherland came down from Canada for a visit and Shelley and Annie came up from LA to join him.  For the results of our week of "relaxation" click here.